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Samuel Pearce-Davies (spearced) is a solo musician and music programmer living in Cornwall, UK.at comp

Despite a childhood of dramatic arts and studying a BTEC in Theatre at college, Sam ultimately chose to pursue a career in music, thanks to his musical upbringing and parents: a classical pianist and rock guitarist, respectively.

Deciding to study BA (hons) Creative Music Technology at Falmouth University, Sam initially hoped to be able to record and produce his own music at a professional level. But during his time on the course, he was introduced to the program Max/MSP and was immediately fascinated by the sonic possibilities it opened up.

Sam proceeded to make use of Max/MSP in virtually every module for the remainder of his course, including making it the main focus of his third-year self-devised projects. As well as building patches for digital synthesis and other compositional tools, Sam is focused on the emerging role of AI in the music world (writing his Dissertation on the topic), and whether systems can be constructed that are able to compose and output music that can be artistically pleasing.

Sam is currently studying a PhD in Computer Music at Plymouth University.

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Work using Max/MSP as a compositional tool:


  • Ringnir


  • Safe In Your Head



If you are interested in contacting Sam regarding designing or collaborating on any music software or composition, please enter your details below:

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